Teleflora's Be Happy® Bouquet with Roses

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

Grape slinger Wooden wick candles ass't fragrances

Grape slinger Wooden wick candles ass't fragrances

Kick ass Caramels

Kick ass Caramels

There are probably a million reasons this is such a popular bouquet. Of course, there are probably just as many reasons to send this cheerful arrangement. Full of happy flowers, this ceramic happy face mug will bring smiles for years to come. Especially when filled with that first cup of morning coffee or cocoa!

  • Orientation: One-Sided

  • All prices in CAD ($)

  • Due to the seasonal price increase on flowers and floral supplies, our prices will reflect an increase for this holiday on certain delivery dates.

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This charming ceramic mug, one of Teleflora's exclusive gift containers, is great for morning coffee - and also makes a cheerful candy dish.

Standard - $59.95

Deluxe - $75.95

Premium - $91.95